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We, the below signed, petition to keep the farmers market at its current location, at Náplavka, near Palacký Bridge. We do not want the market to be permanently relocated to a smaller, more isolated portion of the riverbank behind the railway bridge. Since 2015 the farmers market has had to withdraw different events, even though it has served the public for five years now and has gradually become a place all of Prague enjoys visiting. Transferring the market back to a narrow portion of the riverbank in effect worsens our experience as visitors. We therefore request that the farmers market permanently remain where it is.

There is no benefit to relocating the market year round to the rear section of the riverbank:

Relocating the market is being presented as a benefit for visitors in that the market will no longer need to be occasionally moved back toward the railway bridge. Yes, it is true that the market will not need to be occasionally moved, as it will be relocated for good. Yet we don’t understand this logic. If relocating the market behind the railway bridge so many times per year is not a benefit for the public, why do politicians plan to move the market there definitively and permanently?
Thus far agreements have always been easily reached, and the market has relocated temporarily without any problems during certain large yearly events. Primátorky (rowing races), Lodě na vodě (boat show), and other large events, however, will overlap with the market’s space even after being relocated, because, as we all know, these large events require the entire riverbank area. Relocating the market does not provide 100% stability, and it is thus useless.
Relocating the market to a smaller and narrower location will decrease the number of farmers who come to Náplavka. We have already tried this several times, and the market at the proposed location is always smaller than at the original site – which is not beneficial for anyone. We are simply happy to visit the current location for a large, unique selection of fresh food and a diverse range of products.
Permanently relocating the market to a narrower and smaller section of the riverbank will restrict parking for essential refrigerated vehicles. This will, of course, have a negative effect on the quality of the fresh food – no one wants wilted herbs and spoiled or poor quality food.
It is illogical to worsen access to public transportation by moving to the new location. We do not want to walk a kilometer to the metro stop in order to go shopping at the market. Parking is not allowed at the riverbank and everywhere in the surrounding area is parking blue zones (reserved for residents) – and thus the closer to public transportation at Palackého náměstí, the better.
The farmers market is at its location on Saturdays from 8:00 to 16:00 only, and therefore it does not interfere with any other uses of this space at other times and days. New events likewise do not necessarily need to take place on Saturday at the market location but can be held on different days, days in which space is available along the river. The farmers market should remain at the location where it is the most beneficial for participants and visitors alike, and where it has already proven successful for five years now.

Together, let's make sure the farmers market is at its best by keeping it at Náplavka. Thank you for your support.

Acting on behalf of the petition committee: Erik Čipera, Levá 23/390, 147 00 Praha 4 – Podolí.


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50Slavko Zamuda29. 10. 2016
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46Patrik Kroslak5. 10. 2016
45Kristýna Smažíková10. 9. 2016
44Anna Gümplová2. 9. 2016
43Paola Sandoval17. 8. 2016
42Jana Vobecka19. 6. 2016
41Veronika Lee Barnhart10. 6. 2016
40Barbara Horacsek1. 6. 2016
39Anastasia-Eva Kristel Domani24. 5. 2016
38Marcus Lepke20. 4. 2016
37marek stifter9. 4. 2016
36anna egorova26. 2. 2016
35Grayson W. Krueger21. 11. 2015
34David Minkowski31. 10. 2015
33Veronika Crkvova9. 8. 2015
32Tomas Krby3. 8. 2015
31Adrienne Eberhart3. 8. 2015
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